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Northeast Ohio Tree Trimming

Trees of all different types and sizes need trimming to maintain health, as well as curb appeal. Why should you entrust such an important task of tree trimming to the Northeast Ohio professionals at Town & Country Tree Service instead of undertaking it yourself?

First of all, pruning a tree, particularly a large tree, can be extremely dangerous. Many times, tree trimming requires climbing high into the tree to access the affected branches. Climbing a tree and carrying a chainsaw at the same time is an extraordinarily perilous task. These types of high-risk jobs should be left to trained professionals.

Beyond just the obvious safety concerns, it is important to remember that the benefits of tree pruning are significantly dependent on the use of correct practices and techniques. When the robust knowledge of Town and Country Tree's specialists is applied to the pruning process, your trees are trimmed in a way that encourages continued growth and beauty.

We offer tree pruning, tree shaping and crown reduction, crown thinning and the removal of dead limbs. Call or email us today for a free estimate on the cost of pruning your tree.

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